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It's really interesting that we found orbs we took has some special features in different place at different time. For example, during Wenchuan earthquake (May 12th, 2008, China ) we got the photos of orbs with holes, trench and abnormal shapes. These ugly orbs stand in vivid contrast against the round beautiful orbs we captured before Mar 31, 2008.

Kat - Administrator on January 29, 2009 at 2:32pm:
I also study orbs and I have been very interested in their role in the paranormal for quite some time. I also believe that orbs appear either before or during events in our lives.
I believe that orbs are the suitcases that contain our souls...our energy. Since energy cannot be destroyed, it has to go somewhere.
My study of orbs shows to me that they can react to different situations...such as a event, or even just calling on them.
I'm sure they would appear before, during and after a to warn as of a pending event. But not just earthquakes will they appear...but other special events..such as a wedding, birth of a baby, funeral, holiday event such as Christmas. Even though they are in spirit form, they want to still share these events with us.

[回复]: 我很同意。我们也在研究,而且已经研究20年了。拍摄不下万张照片,绝对不会是水蒸发,烟尘,更不是手的晃动,非常有趣。
SERAPHIM on January 30, 2009 at 2:30am:
Kung Hee Fat Choy! Or Happy New Year to you.
My prayers go out to all of the victims lost & for the families. (Orb warnings with holes ~ perhaps victims of destruction?).
This I found interesting indeed. Thank-you!
Amazing shots!
Peace., Love & Light!


Ira Withers on January 30, 2009 at 11:25am:
I looked at your web site: ensgdyr02.php. The only reason the orbs appear to be gone was the photograph was either darkened or the setting on the camera was change to darken the photograph. By lightening the dark pictures, you can see the orbs are still there. (which by the way I would say are dust particles).
If you have the original photographs with the EXIF info attached, please post them here so we can analize them.
Kat - Administrator on January 29, 2009 at 2:32pm:
You have to understand that I am by far a rocket scientist...and not a expert in the field. Yes I am a paranormal investigator, have been for years now. It was until just recently that I took this fasination of orbs and decided to look into it further.
My work is on this website...nothing in detail...just simple research and came up with orbs appearing in 3-D. I also did a experiment on how orbs react to living people, as to invite them into a room and have them join you, with very interesting results.
The reason I started the research on orbs is I am so tired of people debunking orbs and them taking a bad rap. I know they play a very important part of the paranormal community...and I am here to prove that.
These are two of my best orbs to date....these were taken by me using a simple digital camera.
Check them out.......
(You can use my two orbs on your website to show people the difference in orbs, just as long as you give me the credit for them....copyright)
Trace EVP SPECIALIST on January 31, 2009 at 5:59pm
I disregard hexagonal shaped orbs as orbs caused from reflected light. Sometimes on movies when they deliberately shoot into the sun, you get these in the lens.
The ones where you get multitudes of them I usually put down to environmental circumstances like moisture in the air or dust. When they have tails like that they are usually moving from gravity or wind currents. Rain often appears with tails at the bottom and look like its traveling upwards.
The green one on the linked site looks good to me. I can see a man’s face in that. His eyes stand out quite well.
I don’t take too much notice also of diagrams also like the one that seraphim has linked. That type of thing is speculation and proven.
I agree that true spirit orbs do react to people’s thinking. That is because they are spirit and can hear our thoughts telepathically. They do surround us on special occasions to come in photos as they would have in life. These can be earthbound or spirits that have evolved
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